Insights: The Conservative Mandate

What a joy to participate in the electoral process and see that the American people have not succumbed completely to the politically correct agenda. What a joy to know that enough people expressed their displeasure in the current trends of immorality at every level of government and the judicial process. What a joy to see people calling for the work to begin to restore America.

How foolish of many in the liberal side of life doing a two-step dance trying to evade their ineptness and being out of sync with the majority of the public. Unfortunately, they believe the lie and are under the strong delusion that would come in latter times (2 Thes. 2:9-11). Will they repent and wake up?

The reality is that if God is not brought back into the picture, the sinister evil will continue to evolve and fool those who are not on alert. The wickedness of the enemy will delude the unsuspecting and they will fall asleep and not realize the essential element is still not a part of the mainline fabric of America – the Lord Jesus Christ. Until He is made pre-eminent, America will continue in the downward spiral regardless of what people try to say or do. Don’t be fooled, repent and return to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and get with a good Bible-believing church this weekend and get discipled or start discipling others according to the mandates of God’s Word. Bless you.


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