Book Review: The Silence of God by Robert Anderson

“The Silence of God” became clear in the last chapter. God has been silent for 18 centuries (at least when Anderson wrote). Anderson wrote that heaven has been silent as no more Scripture has been written even though many have been waiting for new revelation and have been trying to point people to new revelation miracles.

Anderson addressed that people seem to need something “exciting” to hold their attention.  God continues to intervene in human affairs and does perform many miracles, but the miraculous demonstrations from the first century have ceased. To deny miracles would be to deny the very nature of God. Invalidating miracles would destroy the very foundations of all human testimony that miracles exist.

In chapter five, Anderson wrote that this new dispensation (the Church Age) has long advanced from the days of the rushing, mighty wind. The anchor of the Christian’s hope is firmly fixed in the veiled realities of heaven. The Word of God is provided but otherwise God is silent. Mystery truth was revealed in the New Testament, but it was not known in the Old Testament. Scripture speaks to Satan’s influence in many capacities through Scripture but it does not explain the desperate case of Satan.

It seems Anderson used too many words to explain what is not explained. Anderson is vague, except the silence of heaven would have given place to the thunders of His judgment. Every question of judgment was either settled forever at the cross or has been postponed to the day that is still to come. God knows how to reserve the unjust for the day of judgment (p. 141).

Anderson became very clear on his thesis in chapter 13 – “The Reign of Grace.” It is the silence of a great sabbatical rest until the Lord returns.  God has revealed everything in His Word, so that we would exercise faith and trust Him.

The more people depend on revelation from heaven, the less they depend on what is already revealed.(p. 146). To that I thunder, “Amen.” We question God presence, because of our circumstances, but His mercy is new every morning as proclaimed in Scripture and seen in the world around us. The last chapter made the book worthwhile!


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