Insights: If Only I…. by Russell Kelfer

I used this poem after the message on Contentment from 1 Tim. 6:6-16. It’s very pointed.

  • If only I had a bigger house
  • My problems would be solved.
  • If only I had a better job
  • Would not life be resolved?

  •  If only I had better looks
  • More people to impress.
  • If I were just a movie star,
  • I’d share my life the best.


  •  If only, if only, if only
  • What a slap in God’s dear face.
  • If only You’d do better, God
  • At last I’d find my place.


  • Not only do we not need more
  • Nor need the grief it brings,
  • Do not we sometimes turn from Him
  • When He allows us things?


  • What if only I had nothing
  • But His presence and His Word
  • Nothing else to cling to.
  • Would I not better know the Lord?


  • If only I had fewer things
  • To occupy my mind.
  • If only I could see one day,
  • They’ll all be left behind.


  • If only I had the mind of God
  • And better knew His ways,
  • I’d never say, “If only I…”
  • I’d simply give Him praise.
  •  And anything He chose to give.
  •  How grateful I would be
  •  If only Jesus only
  • Was good enough for me.

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