Book Review: Social Issues: What does the Bible say about morality? by Answers in Genesis

“Social Issues” is like a bioethics seminar, only simple enough for anyone to understand. These issues are important in our culture, because of the evil of evolution and how it has twisted, distorted and misrepresented the truth. It’s one thing to discern the impossibility of evolution and discard it, but how does a Christian apply Biblical truth to defend his position on social issues. Answers in Genesis has provided a great resource for a number of questions.

Tommy Mitchell answers the question, “When Does Life Begin?” He looks at several perspectives of that point and then draws upon Scripture for the definitive answer.

Georgia Purdom deals with stem cell research. She explains the different sources for acquiring stem cells and why certain kinds are more desirable than others. She then reveals ethical alternatives to embryonic stem cell research.

Wendy Wright reveals the history and wicked philosophy of Planned Parenthood. She describes the shadowy dream of Margaret Sanger, who was a pro-abortion advocate in 1920, of the American Birth Control League (ACBL). That organization targeted low-income families as a peril to the future. In 1942 the name was changed to Planned Parenthood and was a powerful lobbyist in D.C. as it denigrates morality and parental authority.

Werner Gitt tackles the issue of cloning. He cites that “Dolly” was the first sheep cloned in 1997. As Gitt grapples with the issue, he is open to animal cloning, but in no way is he open to human cloning for Biblical reasons.

Ken Ham discusses if there is more than one race and then helps the Christian respond to the gay marriage issue. These two topics have and are creating mass confusion in America. There is only one race as all share the same blood from Adam through Noah. There are cultural differences, but not racial differences.  The only marriage prohibition which exists is between unbeliever and believer, not between any other two peoples. Regarding gay marriage, Ham highlights the Biblical view in contrast to millions who are willing to compromise on the morality of Scripture and the consequences of believing “millions of years.” Gay marriage seeks to mock the Bible and any rationalization is mockery of the purity and holiness of God.

Paul Taylor highlights William Wilberforce’s influence on slavery in England. God used certain men to change the course of history –Wilberforce was one of them. He moved to abolish slavery in England and any connection to slave trade in the 1780s. This was 70 years before America awoke to this reality.

And Jason Lisle addresses the challenge of morality, or lack of it, with regard to evolution. He demonstrates that evolutionary proponents borrow from the Bible for their morality, while at the same time deny the authority of the Bible. As time continues, evolution morality will slip deeper and deeper into the crevasse of degeneracy, because awareness of holiness and God will be removed from their boundaries of “freedom.”

America is in a culture war and Christians do not seem to be winning. The ground is slowly eroding to the rejecters of truth. However, we know that God has already won the war through Jesus, so the victory is known, but how many battles will be lost is still a question. Every Christian needs to be armed with answers to these social issues.


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