SGL: Considerations for Recruiting Leaders in your Home Group

A home group leader who likes to lead may do everything himself or with the help of his wife in his home. But if he does not recruit and disciple new leaders, it may reveal a selfish desire to maintain being the center of attention. The purpose of home groups is to multiply and hence recruit other leaders, which requires discipling participants to greater roles and opportunities of responsibility. Consider the following principles as you consider the potential of each person in yours:

Intentionality is Crucial in Training Leaders

Leadership happens naturally once in a while, but Jesus didn’t work based on a hit and miss objective. He intentionally invited men to follow Him and then He had a plan for helping them become ready for His departure. He said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” If men follow, Jesus will make them fishers of men. That’s Divine intentionality. In the same way, home group leaders must recruit people to opportunities of trusting the Lord. They need to grow in confidence that they too have the ability to step out in faith in the power of the Spirit and according to God’s Word to lead!

Pray, Approach and Cast Vision for Leadership

Pray that God will provide men that are ready to lead and then talk to them about it, which is called “casting the vision” of what they could do.  Ask God to prepare their heart to lead.  Then approach each of them separately with ministry opportunities within the group and affirm them in their growth. Help them understand and “see” what they would/could be doing. Give them time to pray about it if they are not ready to commit to taking on the responsibility. I have seen it so often that those who are already involved will be ready to try new opportunities.  They often just need a leader who will put confidence in them and give them an opportunity to “risk for Jesus.” It may be a very casual approach of just asking them to lead the prayer or bring a treat one night. The more they do, the more they will be ready to assume greater opportunities for discipling others. You can certainly use casual opportunities to “cast vision” for what they could do in the future.

Look in Your Home Group and Invite Others who have Potential

You will find potential recruits in your own home group, because they have already decided to be under your leadership as they follow the Lord. At the same time, look outside of your group for others at church who might not be in one. Encourage them to join yours with the idea that they will accept your future invitation to assume greater responsibilities.

Begin Looking from the Beginning

As you initiate your group, begin looking for potential recruits. We have the greatest message in the gospel, and we need to use every opportunity to disciple people to spiritual parenthood so that home groups can multiply and even more people can be discipled.

Plan out Your Discipleship

There are several functions that a recruit can do. Consider the potential of each one and keep a written record, or just remember some of the things each person has performed. The goal is to produce disciple-makers who are ready to lead another home group. The goal is not having a successful home group. The goal is multiplying these groups so there are many more, and that requires many more disciple-making leaders. If you fail to plan, your “plan” will fail. It does not have to be organized, but have an idea of putting men and women into those serving roles that make the home group a great place to invite neighbors.

As stated above, the goal is not just a successful meeting! The goal is multiplying home groups so hundreds of future leaders are produced from each one through connecting and equipping them to the vision of multiplication. God’s Spirit will guide every leader to recruit and disciple for God’s glory!


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