Q & A: Training Your Replacements: How to keep People Tracking Truth: 1 Timothy 1:6-11

These answers are for the Message Based Discussion Questions from the message presented on October 20, 2013. The suggested answers are designed to stimulate thought, not to replace it.

How do you keep people tracking truth?

1)    Recognize people stray from truth 1:6-7 

They don’t understand they pull others from truth

  • They form their own clique.
  • They set up themselves as the authority.
  • They go against the established church authority.
  • They spread like cancer 2 Tim. 2:17.
  • They create division in God’s body – the church.

2)    Live by the Truth 1:8-10 

Gal. 3:1-4, 24

  • Gal. 5:13-15
  • Sound   2 Tim. 1:13; 4:3;
  • Doctrine   1 Tim. 1:10; 4:1,6,13,16; 5:17; 6:1


  • Listen but always verify to Scripture.
  • Study the OT based on the NT.
  • There is one interpretation and many applications.
  • Ensure you understand the context or the text becomes a pre-text.
  • Harmonize to all of Scripture.  There can be no contradictions.

3)    Make the gospel primary 1:11

  • Glorious gospel
  • Belonging to God
  • Committed to my trust  1 Thes. 2:4; Titus 1:3.

Living the gospel keeps people tracking truth.

The gospel reminds you to:

  • Be humble before Jesus.
  • Stay on target to disciple others. 1 Cor. 15:1-4
  • Focus on Jesus. Heb. 12:2
  • Spur others on to love in Jesus. People will stray away.  Jam. 5:19-20

Message Based Discussion Questions

1)    Have you ever been lost?  How? What did you do?

  • My wife says I have been!  I laughed!
  • Yes, I do remember a time or two.  I was in the woods on a military training mission. I lost my orientation, because it was dark and cloudy, but I did have my compass, so I got back on track. I also remember being in a large city (D.C.) and not knowing where I was and I just kept driving until I found a road that made sense.

Digging Deeper:

2)    Read Gal. 3:22-26.  What was the purpose of the Law? _to lead us to Christ___ What are several reasons the law is necessary today? What would have to be true so that laws would not be necessary?

  • The Law teaches us about the righteousness of God.
    • The law keeps honest people honest.
    • The law keeps the playing field more fair between people.
    • The law keeps most people who have trouble controlling their sin natures doing the right thing.
  • The laws would not be necessary if everyone were righteous and controlled by the Holy Spirit.
    • We’d have to be in heaven.
    • God would have to remove the devil’s influence (2 Cor. 4:4)

3)    David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). Did David always obey the Lord (2 Sam. 12:7-9) _No__ What brought David back to the Lord?

  • David came back to the Lord by the rebuke from God through Nathan the prophet.
  • The conviction caught his attention.
  • Brokenness and repentance turned him back.
  • As a man after God’s heart, he came back, because he understood the sacrifice that had to be made on his behalf.

4)    What are some examples of people who strayed from the truth in Scripture? _Cain__ , __Moses_, __Peter___ What brought them back?

  • Cain – the pain of shunning from God MAY have brought him back, but it doesn’t seem clear he came back.
  • Moses – When he struck the rock twice, because of his anger, he repented and knew as a leader he could not decide on his own, but humbly submit to God’s will.
  • Peter – When he said he would not deny Christ, but did, the rooster’s crowing caught his attention and waiting on the Lord and empowerment of the Holy Spirit caused him to press forward with the gospel message.

5)    How do you know that you are making the gospel primary?  What does that look like?

  • When my eyes are on Jesus and the joy of the Lord is my strength to press forward in every area of life, whether marriage, work, home, or church.
  • I’m more interested in talking about Jesus than statistics.
  • I’m more interested in reading God’s word than romance novels or hunting magazines.
  • I’m more interested in witnessing than building an empire.
  • I’m more interested in discipling than gaining great fame.

Making application of the message to life:

6)    What safeguards do you have to prevent you from wandering from the truth?  How do you pass those safeguards on to others around you?

  • I’m blessed to live in a fish bowl of many eyes and leaders who hold me accountable.
  • I’m blessed to have a partner who knows Scripture so well.
  • I’m blessed to have an Elder Board, who evaluates my spiritual walk.
  • I’m blessed to be leading men that expect me to walk straight.
  • I pass on the safeguards by example and discipling.
  • I pass it on publicly by what people see.
  • I pass it on personally by exhorting men to live a life dependent on the Word.
  • I write about it on the website shepherdingtruth.com

7)    How do you know that the gospel is your primary focus for life?  When:

  • I am more focused on His joy than my discouragement
  • I am more interested in sharing His joy than allowing difficulties to hinder my walk
  • I am thankful in all things and grateful for how God is using every circumstance for His glory.
  • I am lifting up other people with words of encouragement and acts of service to help them on their journey.
  • I am digging into God’s Word for answers to life.

Bonus question: What were the three parts of the Law mentioned in the message?  Which parts are active today?  How?

  • Moral Code  (Ten Commandments)
  • Ceremonial Code (all the sacrifice descriptions and ritual functions in the tabernacle and temple
  • Civil Code (how people relate to others)

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