Book Review: The Word of God by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Ariel Ministries is producing a “Come and See” series based on the collection of Messianic Bible Studies by Arnold Fruchtenbaum.  This volume, entitled “The Word of God”  examines five Messianic Bible studies pertaining to the Bible.  Specifically, he covers 1) The Nature of the Bible, 2) The Bible and Divine Revelation, 3) The Inspiration of the Scriptures, 4) The Eight Covenants of the Bible and 5) The Dispensations of God.  Each of these studies are essential in order to rightly divide God’s Word.

This series is designed for those who want to grow and understand the Lord and His purposes.  They are easy to understand and help a person grow from spiritual infancy to spiritual child to spiritual young adult in learning Scripture and truths every spiritual parent needs to help their disciples understand.  Fruchtenbaum is thorough and adept to help students get the big picture of Bibliology, or the study of the Bible. He also includes full outlines at the back of the volume for a good overview and a teaching format. Fruchtenbaum desires to disciple students who can then disciple others to grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The large section is on the eight covenants of Scripture.  These are the Covenants that are actually described in Scripture.  They are not forced upon Scripture because of a particular theological bent. Fruchtenbaum descirbes the conditional and unconditional aspects of covenants and then rightly divides which ones belong to Israel (Abrahamic, Mosaic, Land, Davidic and New Covenants) and which ones belong to all people (Noahic).

The final short article is on Dispensations, which gives a cursory overview of dispensations from God’s perspective and how man fits into the divine outline of history.  Fruchtenbaum delineates in each of the dispensations 1) the names given to the dispensation, 2) the chief person, 3) man’s responsibility, 4) man’s specific test, 5) man’s failure, 6) man’s judgment, and 7) God’s display of Grace.  These are crucial to understand and describe why a clear understanding of dispensations is essential to rightly divide Scripture and history.

The “Come and See” series” has a test which goes with each section and upon passing a certificate of completion from Ariel ministries is given.  Study through this series will help any student to become equipped to disciple others through life.  Contact  for more information on the certificate program.


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