Insights: You are already at War, Church!

When will the Church in America wake up and go to war? When will the Church realize there is a war going on and the church is too comfortable and complacent? When will the Church put on the armor of God, rally the troops, stand in the gap and “having done everything, stand firm!”

The last time the Church rallied was in the fall of 1990 during Operation Desert Shield. The Church across America saw 500,000 troops mobilize through Saudi Arabia to launch the Operation Desert Storm offensive. The Church went to war on its knees and heaven responded by the short duration of the war (100 hours) and small number of deaths (less than 300).

What is the President supposed to do?  Is he supposed to send in Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to get Assad’s attention saying, “We’re watching you.  You better stop killing your people!” After telling them where the strikes would be and when? How ridiculous this parade of foolishness! Syria is moving their important assets away from these pin point targets and placing them in population centers near children!

Maybe Congress should tell the President, “No!” Maybe the Congress will get smart and not support the President’s comments to the world about “the Red Line” and let that country learn to cry out to God as Israel cried out to God, when they were in slavery in Egypt.

So what about Syria? We are 23 years after Operation Desert Storm, more secularized and more trusting in man as a church. Jeremiah said it best, “Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the LORD.” (Jer. 17:5 NKJ) As much as we question government leadership, we as a Church, the Bride of Christ, have not gone to war as a Church, and therefore we are trusting in man. This geo-political situation is really a question to the Church. How strong are you and upon whom will you trust?

Church, get on your war paint and get on your knees! Go to war on your knees with the armor of God and pray to the King of kings that He will send His deliverers to Syria and lead them out of the secularized, anti-God, arrogant leadership currently in power.  Let the people cry out to God for deliverance! Let God be the basis for their solution.  If God is NOT a part of the solution, there will be no solution!

If God is not the basis of the solution, it will be like too many American actions. It will be like our support of Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran. In 1988, when Iran was going to launch an offensive against Iraq, the US gave them imagery, maps and other intelligence, knowing full well Iraq would use chemical weapons.1  And then, two years later, the United States launched a coalition of nations in an offensive against Saddam Hussein.  Was our help in 1988 smart? Do we really think a little superficial peace is the best global strategy?

In 2001, the US launched an offensive against Afghanistan.  Did not the US CIA support the Afghan guerrillas against the Soviet Union back in 1980?2 The problem is, we left God out of the solution and now have paid for this in thousands of deaths and billions of dollars of war materiel.

In 2003, the US launched an offensive against Saddam Hussein again and toppled his government. The US ensured a new government was established.  Has that been a good thing?  History will tell, but short term, God was not a part of the Iraq solution and the country languishes.

We should not go anywhere, unless we do so with the infusion of missionaries who take God to the people.  If a country will not let us do that, then the US should wait until the people cry out for God’s deliverance and ask us to restore the peace as we did in South Korea and Japan. In 1945, in Japan, and 1953, in South Korea, missionaries were free to spread the truth about Jesus Christ.  Japan may be broken spiritually, but South Korea is spiritually a strong country, compared to most countries.

Church! Go to war on your knees.  Pray to the Battle Captain of History to send His deliverer for the sake of the people. But if we continue to think that stopping a wicked government is enough and leave God out of the solution, we are most foolish! Any action that leaves a spiritual vacuum, devoid of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a foolish action!




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