Book Review: Jude by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Ariel Bible Commentary incorporates the Messianic Jewish Epistles into one volume and Jude is a part of that volume.  Fruchtenbaum’s commentary on Jude is clear and concise.  He demonstrates the parallel structure with 2 Peter and defines the author, recipients and occasion of the text. 

Jude is primarily about the warning against false teachers.  It is too easy for Christians to be sucked into false teaching, because we want our ears tickled, we want our flesh satisfied and we want what will either make sense or what sounds fascinating.  Unfortunately, Christians are correctly called sheep and apart from God’s Word do not discern the history of false teaching as well as the heresies of false teachers.

I especially appreciated the last portion of “Obligations of believers to themselves and to others.” Christians will only safeguard their souls if they latch onto the invisible reality of the Holy Spirit in relationship to Jesus Christ in order to keep on growing in God’s love and holiness.

This is a quick read, so be sure you seize this commentary to understand Jude, but especially before you teach it to those you are discipling.


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