Book Review: 2 Peter by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Ariel’s Bible Commentary of the Messianic Jewish Epistles is a brilliant volume. The 2 Peter Commentary by Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a concise, clear and very helpful tool in order to understand 2 Peter from a Messianic Jew’s perspective.  I am always looking for authors who hold to a classical dispensational  perspective and who hold to Israel’s place in God’s redemptive history – Dr. Fruchtenbaum fits that well.

Dr. Fruchtenbaum jumps right into the interpretation of the short book written by Peter.  While short, it is potently able to reveal the importance of God’s word (1:16-21), the parallels between 2 Peter and Jude (p. 390) and continue the emphasis on God’s vision for our growth (2 Peter 3:18).  Yes, it is short, but the warning against false teachers becomes more and more needed as the American Christian Church enters into the 21st Century of post modernism, moral degeneracy in the pulpit and church and the shortness of time before Jesus’ return. We do not have much time left and we need to understand this epistle, so that we are not caught off guard.

Fruchtenbaum is brilliant at Jewish history and culture related to Scripture.  He points out facets that help the interpretation.  I do find his introduction could have provided more explanation on the occasion and purpose, as well as audience and history of the recipients, but he has woven that into the textual explanation as well as provided some of that information in 1 Peter.  Therefore, read his commentary on 1 Peter to ensure you get a fuller understanding.

I greatly appreciate him including the full text and incorporating that text phrase by phrase in his interpretation and explanation.  That simple format makes following and understanding quite easy for any level of student of Scripture.


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