Book Review: Small Group Leaders’ Handbook J. Alex Kirk, et al

Book Review: Small Group Leaders’ Handbook J. Alex Kirk, et al

“Small Group Leaders’ Handbook” is written by seven staff workers with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship from various college campuses.  They came together in a number of ways to collaborate and provide a current view on raising small group leaders, especially for ministry on college campuses.  Over the course of a year, they arrived at the principles and methods described in the book interspersed with their testimonies of reaching and raising up leadership for small groups on college campuses.

Developing leadership is often messy work, but leaders who are proactive and willing to be flexible can see great fruit in what they describe as a transformational community that studies the Bible, prays and participates in God’s mission together. 

I might have thought the book would be seven different approaches or seven different perspectives on small group leadership.  However, they have interacted sufficiently in person and over email and phone to form a consistent approach dealing with various aspects of transformation. Their writing styles are similar. Their stories are engaging.  Their mission is clear: to raise up new spiritual leaders.

I did have difficulty following some of the chapters, because the organization of the material was not as clear as I need.  However, it may be because I like the nuts and bolts in a handbook to be in a clear outline; I don’t like to search for the principles.  The principles are there in each of the chapter, yet they could have been summarized or highlighted more clearly.  That’s likely a personal preference.

I’m grateful for their intent and pursuit of seeking to build the kingdom of Jesus Christ in the formulating years of college students.  I’m grateful for their heart of passion to win students to Jesus Christ and their leadership to follow through the transformation of students’ hearts for Jesus Christ.  May the Lord use this to further His kingdom!


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