A Sound Mind

It’s hard to express how good it was to be with you in church ministering God’s Word yesterday.  It seemed every eye was engaged and responsive in spirit.  I’m looking forward to what God’s Spirit is going to do in the future through His Word.

As you meditate on the passage from Sunday and bring forth fruits of application, consider the concept of fear.  We all have fears.  That’s why it’s addressed in each of the four “announcements.”  Even when people say they don’t have fear, you can tell they often do by relationships they avoid. 

The question is what we do with our fears.  I quoted from 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  Spirit here is used as the human spirit endowed by the Holy Spirit.  In other words, God gives us a spirit of power, because of His Holy Spirit.  God gives a spirit of love, because of His Holy Spirit.  And God gives a spirit of sound mind, because of His Holy Spirit.  Meditate on each of those and you’ll have victory over fear.
 I especially like that last word “sound mind,” which is used only here in the New Testament. The word means “a regulated life demanded before God.”  That’s why it is translated, “self-control,” “self-discipline,” and “discipline” in other versions.  If God gives that way of thinking, then why is it so many are living a life that does not seem to be that way?  I’m interested in your thoughts.
Let me encourage those who have families with children that could sing with the children for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services to bring your children Wednesday night and then to our services this weekend.  That’s spiritual leadership in the family and orients your children to worship God in church.  Looking forward to worshipping God with you!

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