God’s way vs. Man’s way

          On Sunday, we looked at the basic Biblical teaching on “God’s way vs. Man’s way.”  They are totally opposite and can be seen everywhere.  Man’s way is totally inadequate and completely rebellious, although that’s not how we’d like to think about things.  We laughed last night in Hungry Hunters talking about the way people look at man’s way: “Lower than God’s way” or “Maybe not as good as God’s way” or “We’re trying hard.”  I can hear a “man’s way” song coming out of it all!  But we were honest enough to say, “No, man’s way is totally opposite of God’s way.”  Only by choosing for God’s way – the process of transformation by means of God’s Word by His Holy Spirit – can we discern and choose to live out God’s way!  It renews the mind, so the heart is transformed and the life is sanctified!  Someone write a song about THAT!

            As you go about your days, look for the differences of man’s way and God’s way and they will become pointed and clear.
            This Sunday, we look at the last “Foundations” message on the three words that describe God’s plan.  What three words would you use to describe God’s plan or Scripture?  These three words summarize all of Scripture and the application will take us back to basics.  Hope to see you Sunday morning ready to respond to God’s Word and God’s Spirit’s leading.

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