Insights: Hunger for Truth

This morning we were awakened to a couple deer eating the bird seed out of a newly placed bird feeder in the back yard. The purpose of the bird feeder was to attract the four flickers that had consumed most of the cherries from the tree. If the bird feeder was placed close to the same tree, hopefully the flickers would find the feeder and then the feeder could be slowly moved to a better location for observing the birds from upstairs and downstairs.

To our amazement and joy, two fawns had consumed all the bird seed. We found them just as they were licking the last bits of seed and looking toward our windows at “those people stuck in some kind of building”! They also found the pretzels the girls had hung in the branches, which they made at the library in town. They had been smeared with crunchy peanut butter and other various kinds of bird seeds that were hung on the branches.  While we thought the birds missed out, the deer were a beautiful sight. Normally the deer would probably have preferred other food than bird seed and pretzels, food is food in the winter time, especially when the first big snow fall was on its way.

It reminds me of a favorite verse of Scripture, “A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, But to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. (Pro 27:7 NKJ) When you are hungry, you are ready to eat just about anything! Whey you are satisfied with the presence of the Lord, life in Him is sweet.

When people are hungry for the Lord, ANY Scripture is sweet. When people complain, because the pastor is not preaching their favorite subject, they just are not very hungry for the Lord and need to wait on Him. How hungry are you after the abundance of Christmas?



1 thought on “Insights: Hunger for Truth

  1. Yes indeed! Another interesting thought is that you physically become more hungry if you eat more often. Same thing with God! If you hunger for God and search his truth more frequently, your hunger for Him will grow as well as your love for Him.
    So stay hungry!

    – Couchpilgrim

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