Country: Political Fiscal Deception

I’m inserting this quick article related to the recent 1.1 trillion dollar bill the government just passed to add debt onto the backs of taxpayers. The articles related to Canonicity will continue tomorrow.

We, as a nation, just elected more conservatives to office than has been made for a long time. Some think this will be an opportunity to bring sense back to our government. That is foolish thinking. For example, to quote from the Tea Party Patriots organization,

Tea Party Patriots’ support team members have been reading the bill for the past few days and we have learned just how awful this bloated spending bill really is. Among the information we have learned:

  • The bill fully funds President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty;
  • The bill contains $1.1 trillion dollars of spending;
  • The bill gives every federal employee a raise. That means that even the IRS employees who colluded to target tea party conservatives will receive a raise.
  • The bill contains numerous crony deals, built-in bailouts, and payoffs to Wall Street, and large corporations;
  • The bill continues to fund Obamacare.

For these reasons, and for many other reasons, Tea Party Patriots opposed the bill. We have worked this week to educate our supporters and to encourage grassroots activism to voice our collective disappointment and frustration about this massive spending bill.1

These are facts from the recent bill. The problem is that there was even a vote in the House on it. Many conservatives voted “against” the bill, but only because they voted “for” the bill to make it to the floor. If they had voted “against” the bill to get to the floor, it never would have made it for a vote. In fact, only sixteen “conservatives” voted “against” the bill to go to the floor. This is politics at its finest. They try to make it look like they could not be held accountable for shutting down the government, while at the same time look like they voted against the bill when it mattered. But it mattered in that it should never have gotten to the floor in its present form. Now it is part of the pork that is added onto the national debt.

But this barely scratches the surface of the deception foisted upon the American public.

Here’s the bottom line. While the Fed may continue to rack up trillions in debt, I’d recommend that you avoid any debt. Learn to live with less or without. Don’t go into debt for Christmas gifts or new cars or more stuff.

Solomon said it well, “The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender.” (Pro. 22:7 NKJ) The government could learn from this verse! I don’t want to owe anything to anyone, except for one thing as Paul wrote, “Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” (Rom. 13:8 NKJ) That will happen only by personal fiscal responsibility, but also understanding that God is holy and His people are to be holy also. Something our government no longer understands. And hence, it doesn’t matter who is in office, if the Lord Jesus is not a part of the solution.

1 accessed on December 18, 2014.


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