Insights: Two are better than one!

I was at the point of needing an extra person to assemble the walls together in my lower level.  My son-in-law helped me put in the first two walls and shoot nails into the concrete to secure the walls to the floor.  However, it was nap time and the fun of shooting nails into the concrete gave in to the need of granddaughters to get needed rest. But that doesn’t mean a guy can’t still have fun!

So Matt joined me in cutting up logs at a friend’s 80 acre farm. It was also an opportunity to put my new truck to the test. Actually it is not new, but a 1981 GMC Sierra 2500 350 engine that has been reworked to 340 horse-power and extra springs set to handle one-ton loads. Within an hour we loaded up the truck and it just started showing a little weight before we returned home to unload the “rounds” for splitting on a future day. The last time I loaded up a truck, I was by myself. I couldn’t believe how quickly the wood was cut and loaded up with two of us.

That’s a biblical principle – two are better than one for many jobs. Solomon wrote, “Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor.” (Ecc. 4:9 NKJ) You may not always have a partner to help, but friends are a blessing. In fact in the times in which we live, friends are essential – especially friends you can trust.



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