Book Review: Redemption Truths by Robert Anderson

“Redemption Truths” is a straight-forward summation of doctrines related to redemption.  This is a great book to give to a new Christian, although the Anglicized English of the 1800s may be difficult for many in our culture. It may be like giving a new Christian, who is also young an old King James Bible – they likely won’t adjust to the old English. Anderson has a tremendous background in legal and investigative fields and thus ably addresses the justness of God in providing redemption. It also adds to an apologetic approach to the subject matter.

Anderson presents the basics of how a sinner can be saved as well as several additional subjects related to the sinner’s need for salvation. For example, the “Fulness of our Redemption,” “God’s Provision for the Way,” “Recognizing My Need,” and “Receiving His Provision.” Each of these chapters, in Anderson style, explain how we each need salvation and must come to the cross.

Anderson deals with the “Doctrine of the Gospel” and then salvation terms like “Justification” and “Sanctification” as well as the result of faith for salvation in “Sonship and the New Birth.”

This is not a devotional read, but it is simple. It is not theological, but it presents the theology of Redemption. It is a brilliant Christian’s presentation of Salvation written in Old English that if you want to expand your thinking, you will enjoy it. If you are looking for a devotional feel good book, you likely will not.


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