Book Review: Bible Leaders Who Cope with Stress by Marilyn Kunz and Catherine Schell

“Bible Leaders who Coped with Stress” is a great small group discussion study on something that gets as much attention today as anything – stress. People talk about being worn down, stressed out and fed up. They are at their wits end, it seems, because they do not understand the person or will of God. It happens to all of us at one time or another and only the Lord Jesus knew best how to deal with it.

Kunz and Schell have put together a great study that a good facilitator could take people through in a small group study.  The focus is on twelve Bible leaders and their walk in life before God. Passages of Scripture are assigned ahead of time for participants to study and also questions to be answered ahead of time and in small group with others. For the most part there is no interpretation provided, only the questions to be answered in the group.

This is a great overview of the subject matter using twelve leaders who dealt with “stress” both Biblically and non-biblically.  The leaders are not held as an epitome of being overcomers, but are used as examples that participants can likely identify with and ponder how they might overcome in their situation. While answers are not given, a seasoned leader can lead the discussion down the road of grappling with “stress” as victors rather than victims. This is part of a series of small group study guides produced by the Tyndale House Publishers from Wheaton, Illinois.


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