Truth: Doctrine of Idleness – “Salute to the sluggard”

The following are great principles to teach every young person under the age of 16, so that when they join the work-force, they will understand their role and responsibility in life. They should be taught at home so that children learn and grow at home and when they launch into the world, they will reflect glory for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Doctrine of Idleness

  1. God gave Adam work in the Garden of Eden Gen. 2:15
  2. God made the work difficult as a result of man’s sin, including thorns and sweat Gen. 3:17-19
  3. The ant is the model for those who are idle Pro. 6:6-11
  4. Idleness leads to hunger Pro. 19:15
  5. Idleness finds excuses for not working Pro. 20:4
  6. Idleness results in poverty and shame Pro. 10:4,5
  7. Idleness is a form of self-killing Pro. 20:25
  8. Idleness is poor management of time and resources Pro. 24:30-34
  9. Idleness is a source of the “have nots” Pro. 21:25; 13:4
  10. Idleness is a cause for sinful fear Pro. 26:13
  11. Idleness is a cause for arrogance Pro. 26:14-16
  12. Idleness is a cause for poor stewardship of home Ecc. 10:18
  13. Idleness provides no defense Is. 56:10
  14. Idleness is prohibited of the Christian Rom. 12:11
  15. Idleness should be rewarded with hunger 2 Thes. 3:10-12
  16. Idleness is a spiritual sin Heb. 6:12

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