Insights: Biblical Soul Care

Starting June 1, 2014 at Grace, one of the Adult 9 am “Summer Selectives” options is “Biblical Soul Care”. You can be a part of the healing, rejuvenating, restoring and strengthening process of Grace to counsel and help others overwhelmingly overcome and mount up like eagles in the Christian life!

Over the last forty years, wonderful saints of God have written and provided excellent resources for helping people approach difficulties from a Biblical perspective – or “God’s way” of dealing with situations. I’ve taught many times the importance of the three spiritual ingredients for growth, which are always discussed in counseling sessions – God’s Word, God’s Spirit and faith. These provide the basis for any person to grow in his relationship with Jesus and overcome (with His help)  every problem in life.

The challenge is how to bring these principles of counseling to the Church, which is God’s ordained organism for worship, relationship and growth – in fact, the pillar and ground of the Truth. One very important component  to spiritual growth is the involvement of the Christian community. Instead of an “expert” helping someone get to the point of “feeling better” and moving on, Biblical Soul Care provides an Advocate who helps restoration take place but also helps the person integrate or re-integrate into the church life.

Biblical Soul Care is not restricted just to an hour long counseling session. It often comes from a loving friend, who is transparent and invites the one with difficulty into his or her home and heart.  It involves helping the one in need gain fellowship and support through a good relational environment like a home group.  It demonstrates compassionate comfort and conviction in Truth and grace. It shows that most people in the Body are equipped to help other believers because they have the power of the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of Scripture and hope in God’s will. When you bring Soul Care into the Church, God gets the glory, instead of people in the world. You have total reliance on Him instead of dependence on slick mechanics, behavioral therapy or degrees on the wall.  Yes, you’ll see people who humble themselves before the sovereign mercy and care of the Lord for healing and joy in the journey.

So couple God’s Spirit, God’s Word and faith in God’s work and couple these in the community of God’s people and you can mount up like eagles!  All the chaos of the world can be overcome!


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