MSG: Christian, Go To Work! by Russell Kelfer

This was a poem that should have been added to the Message presented on June 15, 2014. It was written by Russell Kelfer.


Christian, go to work

There’s a wealth for you to do

When you arrive at work, my friend,

All eyes descend on you.


You represent the Master

You’re there by HIS own call.

What’ere the task it’s yours to be

The hardest worker of all.


You ought to sweep and scrub the floor

If that’s to be your sod

With dignity and thoroughness

You’re cleaning them for God!


The way you keep your house or car

The way you keep your yard

The way you dress or keep your desk

Becomes God’s calling card.


Christian, go to work, at once

There’s just no time to waste

We earn much more than we deserve

We serve a God of grace


But you and I, beloved,

Are called by grace to be

Men and women whose lives declare



Christian, go to work with joy

Your labors His story tell

Your God in turn will pay you

And He will pay you well!


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