Book Review: Self-Injury by Edward Welch

“Self-Injury” is a short booklet on helping people who inflict pain on themselves. For some who are struggling with emotional issues, pressures, fears, etc., self-injury seems like a good way to protect themselves from something worse. It may not make sense to most people, but the inflicted pain becomes something over which the person, who feels life is out-of-control, can gain some semblance of control, even if it means greater pain. The physical pain becomes a way to mask the emotional and mental stresses of life. It becomes an emotional relief.  Self-injury isn’t really an option to the one in pain, it “becomes” a necessity.

Welch articulately and succinctly describes people who might succumb to this problem and the cycle of abuse that is triggered by experience.  Welch also suggests that the only way to find peace and rest is to look away from self to Jesus for in Him the answers are found. His nine action steps are wise and well grounded for overcoming in Jesus.


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