Book Review: Gold in the Making: Where is God when bad things happen to you? By Ron Lee Davis

“Gold in the Making” is a great read regarding personal pain in Ron Davis’ family and his first hand observation as a pastor. Out of his suffering, he draws the reader into the sensation, “I know what you are saying!” and gives five good biblical principles of suffering as well as four strategies for coping with suffering.  He has a shepherd’s heart and integrates wonderful illustrations for helping the reader to accept and believe he understands suffering.

There are many perspectives that Davis deals with from those who face suffering. He also exposes erroneous views of Scripture by those who are careless in their support of others. He shepherds well those who have suffered at the hands of friends who act like the friends of Job.

I greatly appreciated his last few chapters on the power of love, the counsel for loneliness and dealing with death as the last enemy. His insights are excellent and thoughtful. He interweaves Scripture through his chapters, yet his emphasis is on illustrations rather than on the Biblical text. There are issues like his descriptions of three kinds of faith that might help someone move closer to Christ in sanctification. However, he confuses Lordship in salvation rather than provide help for the person to move along in spiritual growth sanctification.

Are you suffering? Are you trying to understand suffering? This may be a very helpful book that will build a bridge to your concerns as well as focus your solution on the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. May He be exalted through all of our suffering, even in the tears that blur our vision!


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