Q&A: Train Your Replacements: How to Disciple Men to Serve 1 Timothy 3:8-13

These are suggested answers to the Message Based Discussion Questions for the message presented February 23, 2014. The answers are designed to stimulate thinking, not prevent it. The answers are found below the message outline.

  • Mark 10:45; John 12:26; Acts 6:1-7
  • How do you disciple men to serve?

1)    Disciple men who qualify to serve 3:8-9

2)    Disciple men who have been tested in action 3:10

3)    Disciple women to godliness 3:11 

4)    Disciple men to look for a good standing in Jesus 3:12-13

  • 1 Cor. 10:31
  • John 13:10-17

Disciple men to serve the Lord with eternal opportunities!

  • Character is more important than the task-mindedness.  We are  brought to the image of Christ.  His character. Women, disciple your boys to serve.
  • There are no unimportant positions in the Christian life or the church.  We need each other and must connect to each other.
  • Test people in life before giving them the position.
  • There is great reward for those who serve, just not on earth.  The position is important, but you don’t need the position to serve, get all the Lord’s recognition and build His kingdom.

Message Based Discussion Questions

1)    What are different ways people can serve in the church?

  • As elders, deacons, teachers, assistants, secretaries, finance accountants, advisors, nursery care attendants and on the welcome team.
  • In prayer support, encouragers, visiting ministry, drivers, chaperones and grounds keepers.

Digging deeper:

2)    Are elders and deacons equal in importance?  __yes__ What are the two first characteristics mentioned for the elder qualification and deacon qualification (they are different Greek words)?  Why are those qualifications so important?

  • Blameless (reverent) and one woman man
  • They need the overall characteristics of godliness that set them above reproach and be undivided in their attitude toward other women. If an elder or deacon cannot lead his wife and family, he should not lead in the church.

3)    Did God know that David would be anointed king during King Saul’s reign as king? _yes_ How did God train King David before he was given the throne in Israel?

  • He put David in charge of smelly, stupid sheep so that others would look down on him for his work.
  • He challenged David with the lion and bear to determine if David would consider the life of his sheep more valuable than his own.
  • His faithfulness in being alone taught him to depend on the Lord and be content with Him alone.

4)   Does a deacon’s home life matter if most of his serving is done at church? ________________Why or why not? If he is primarily a server, maintainer, repairman, administrator for the church’s facilities, or a provider of service, relief or service, does it matter?

  • It matters, because as goes one part of his life, so goes the rest of his life and hypocrisy is not wanted in church.
  • All of those ministries are sacred before the Lord. They are mundane and sacred. Consistency and faithfulness determine a great deal of a man’s integrity.
  • Making application of the message to life:

5)   What are ways that men can raise up young men to be good deacons? How can we exhort men to do that?

  • Plant the seed for many years before he becomes a teen.
  • Include them in work projects of men.
  • Encourage them as they identify with the older men
  • Give them simple assignments they can accomplish on their own and affirm them as men.
  • Include them in breakfasts and other times as part of the men’s ministry team

6)    What are ways to honor the position of deacon, so men will want to serve in that capacity?

  • Acknowledge their picture on the wall
  • Pray for them as they assume leadership beginning their term
  • Thank them for work projects and on-going maintenance
  • Hold the position in high regard in the church.
  • Ensure men are tested before they are given the position of leadership.
  • Hold them accountable to the character qualifications

7)    Is it wrong to look for reward in life?  Why or why not? How would you help disciple someone through 1 Timothy 3:13?

  • Scripture talks about crowns in life and beyond, so it’s not wrong, but it would be wrong to expect it or hold the reward as an idol of the heart.
  • We serve for an imperishable crown, so that the reward may not be seen in life, but the eternal reward will be forthcoming. Better to have God’s reward than man’s perishable reward.
  • Disciple someone through 1 Tim. 3:13 to fix his eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of His faith and trust the Lord for all things. Affirm him in private and help him understand that your affirmation is encouragement to press forward without being concerned with the details of life.
  • Walk him through John 13:12-17, so that he understands what the Lord Jesus was willing to do and how we are to serve others.



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