Insights: Current Politics 1’14

I was recently involved in a conversation regarding what should be done regarding the problems in the current Administration. I took some notes from Alex Jones’ recent Infowars magazine regarding steps the President has taken that warrant concern: (Note: the sarcasm is meant to stir up, not down play the foolish actions)

1)    Race to ouster the Second Amendment – This is clearly his purpose, but what has he done that actually would be cause for an action? Registration in CT, NYC,  and CA?  This is Not enough, because those are small areas, that most don’t care about.

2)    Shut down the coal industry –  EPA has caused many problems in the past with the spotted owl to a host of other rules and laws that have not been enough to stop any administration. They are basically preferences. Yes, the congress is becoming less relevant, but not enough to start anything.

3)    Affordable Care Act – making rules up as he goes and not going through Congress? They probably would have gone along with his decisions. He’s just saved them time. And people would say he is doing a good thing by implementing what has been enacted into law by the Congress.  I’ll bet the country as a whole would approve of what he has done as it did in the last election. Yes, people are frustrated, but this is not enough to start anything.

4)    DREAM act of allowing children of illegal immigrants to receive services.  The bleeding hearts would say we’re just a bunch of stone cold, selfish Tea-party bigots, whether we are or not.

5)    The Libyan fiasco was allowed by the UN Security Council, so the President could move ahead. The administration just buries it all in paperwork and keeps moving so people will feel left behind. This also does not warrant a start of something. How many republicans have been accused of acting outside of Congress when it comes to foreign affairs? Nixon, W. Bush?

6)    Obama ignored Congressional rejection of the Cybersecurity Bill, and instead, indicated he will pursue an unconstitutional executive order. People would say, “It’s only internet stuff. No one dies, so what’s the big deal?” This does not warrant starting something.

7)    Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which includes provisions that permit the abduction and military detention without trial of U.S. citizens, violating habeas corpus. Despite Obama claiming he would not use the provisions to incarcerate U.S. citizens, it was his administration that specifically demanded these powers be included in the final NDAA bill. This is of great concern. They will likely pick up people for mail fraud, or speeding down the highway, and hold them in confinement, but there has to be a smokescreen going on to get people’s mind off the kidnapped hostages (from the right) held in security – in an unknown place and moved around, so people can’t locate them. Still not a starter, because there are no known attempts or confirmed actions.

8)    Obama violated Article II of the Constitution by using signing statements as part of his executive usurpation of power. Yes, this is significant, but again, who lost out immediately? Everything is as it was.  It is a conditioning exercise. It is “normalcy bias.” The water temperature may be rising, but we’re still getting along. This may be impeachable, but is there evidence that would stick in the judicial system? This is not a starter.

9)    Obama violated the Constitution’s Takings and Due Process Clauses when he bullied the secured creditors of automaker Chrysler into accepting 30 cents on the dollar, while politically connected labor unions and preferential others received better deals. Yes, this is wrong, in my humble opinion, but “they have all their money anyway, so what is the big deal?  It’s just business.” We learn to be good players, because we want the golden goose ourselves.

10) Obama has violated federal law by overseeing a cover-up surrounding Operation Fast and Furious, the transfer of guns to Mexican drug cartels direct from the federal government. This is more than troubling, considering the deaths involved. But most were Mexicans, so most people are going to shrug their soldiers. The “few” Americans lost receive a “sigh” as much as the 500 murders in Chicago last year. What’s the big deal? This is not a starter.

11) Obama has aided America’s enemies, violating his oath, by sending funds to insurgents in Syria who are being commanded by al-Qaeda terrorists. Yes, but is this any different than presidents who supported Hussein in the past, only to have to attack him later? Okay, He made a few investment mistakes with tax funds and materiel, but Syria is a small country and they haven’t made direct attacks on Israel, at least sufficient to warrant a declaration of war. The amount of money invested is small compared to the amount of money wasted by the IRS luxury conferences. Unfortunately, again this is not a starter.

12) Lack of and horrendous leadership as noted by Robert Gates in his new book “Duty.” Okay, that’s his assessment and he’s probably right, but the only choice is to vote in the next election for values that matter.

The key is what does the Lord Jesus Christ think? Am I discipling other men to walk humbly before the Lord? Am I taking the time to lead people to Jesus Christ? Am I discipling my children to worship Him with their whole heart, soul, mind and strength? Am I passionate about making an issue of Him and denying my personal wants?

So far there is no hindrance in those abilities. I don’t like ANY of the things in those twelve points. But I have freedom to disciple men to Jesus Christ and I will remain on alert status for upholding the constitution of the United States. In the meantime, I will also take these before the throne of heaven and seek His will and wait upon His directions.


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