Insights: What is New Years?

Most holidays are clear in their intent. For example, Valentine’s Day celebrates romance, Father’s Day celebrates fathers, Mother’s Day celebrates mothers and so on. But none of those hit the celebration ticker like New Years. So is there a purpose for New Year’s Day besides turning the calendar over to the next year?

The month of January is named after the two-faced Roman god Janus. He is the god of doorways looking back and looking forward. He reflects on the past and looks with hope to the future.

After the New Year’s Eve celebrations, most people reflect on a new beginning and purpose to start over. Resolutions are prominent in losing weight and exercising more and personal values are taken seriously. Often parents resolve to take their children to church and be more patient. Individuals vow to take control of self to be a better person or change in some way. In reality, New Years revolves around the hope of something better. The question I would ask is, “Where are people looking for that ‘better’?”

There is only one source of better. It is the Lord Jesus Christ and His way. After a fast paced 2013 that sped by so quickly, take a day and decide, “This year, I’m going to read through God’s Word. I’m going to make Jesus my priority. I’m going to commit myself to becoming a disciple of Jesus.”  Will you do that?

If you commit yourself to following Jesus, you will notice something on December 31, 2014. You’ll notice the days went by just as fast, maybe faster. But, you’ll notice, you are more fulfilled, better prepared as His disciple and you will sense a readiness to disciple another person. There is no greater fulfillment than personally imparting your spiritual life into another person. Paul said, “Yes, and if I am being poured out as a drink offering on the sacrifice and service of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with you all.” (Phil. 2:17 NKJ)


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