Q&A: The Joy of Anticipation: Luke 1:26-55

These are suggested answers to the Message Based Discussion Questions from the message presented on December 15, 2014, “The Joy of Anticipation.” The answers are designed to stimulate thought from one perspective; they are not designed to be the answers, which then stops thinking.  First, the insert is included and then the answers to the Message Based Discussion Questions.

Who is the joy of your anticipation?

1)    Jesus was Mary’s greatest anticipation Luke 1:35-38

  • What made Mary’s heart swim?
  • How did Mary respond?

2)    Jesus was John’s greatest anticipation Luke 1:39-44

  • With whom was Elizabeth filled?
  • With what did her baby leap?

3)    Jesus was Israel’s greatest anticipation Luke 1:46-55

  • Gen. 12:1-3; 2 Sam. 7:12-16
  • Eph. 2:8-9; John 1:12

There is no greater anticipation of joy than Jesus!

  • What do you believe will bring you satisfaction?
  • Choose Jesus as your anticipation, because nothing else will satisfy.
  • In His presence is the fullness of joy Ps. 16:11; Luke 10:38-42

Message Based Discussion Questions

1)    What kinds of things bring people happiness in life?

  • Being free from guilt.
  • Having a baby.
  • Sharing life with friends.
  • Experiencing the reality of Jesus in life.
  • Singing praises with others in church.
  • Leading someone to Christ.
  • Watching someone become a disciple-maker.

Digging Deeper:

2)    Is anticipation a factor of faith? _yes_ How do you describe faith from Bible characters that show anticipation? (cf. Heb. 11)

  • Noah built the ark, even though he never saw rain.
  • Abraham left his land and trusted God for a son after his failure with Hagar.
  • Sarah trusted God who promised her a seed from Abraham, even though both were beyond years.
  • Moses suffered affliction with his people rather than enjoy the pleasures of Egypt
  • Rahab trusted the spies to deliver her and followed instructions.
  • Gideon went to battle with 300 men against 120,000.

3)    Do you know how long Israel had been waiting for Abraham’s Covenant to be fulfilled at Jesus’ birth? _2065 years__ Who are some examples of those who anticipated the coming Christ? (consider both the Old and New Testaments!)

  • Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all had the covenant given to them.
  • David received the Davidic Covenant 2 Sam. 7:12-16.
  • Simeon Luke 2:25-26
  • Anna Luke 2:36-38
  • Micah Mic. 5:2
  • Isaiah Is. 7:14
  • David Ps. 110:1

4)    Do the Psalms reveal any kind of joy? _yes_ What are some examples of Psalms that declare or anticipate joy? What songs do you sing that bring you joy?

  • Ps. 21:1; 27:6; 30:5; 32:11; 33:3; 51:8,12; 132:9,16; 97:1,8,12
  • Ps. 145-150 praises offered to God brings great joy that He is in control.
  • Songs that bring me joy:
    • Joy to the world
    • Immortal, Invisible
    • How Great Thou Art
    • Great is Thy Faithfulness
    • It is Well With My Soul
    • A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Making application from the message to life:

5)    How would you explain “The Joy of Anticipation” to a disciple? How is Jesus real to you?

  • Contrast it with happiness, which is based on what is happening
  • Joy is “A settled assurance that God is in control, that I am in His family and in His will.” Gal. 5:22-23; Luke 22:42
    • It is when Jesus is more real that circumstances and relationships. Heb. 12:2
    • It is not giddiness, but will often produce a smile and cause me to be winsome toward others. Phil. 4:4
    • Joy causes me to want to bless others 1 Pet. 3:8-10
    • It looks at a situation and anticipates how Jesus is going to work it out.
    • It is pressing ahead even in fear to obey God and share Christ.
    • It is obedience to His will regardless of the circumstances.
    • It is being willing to be poured out as a drink offering for others.

6)    How do people normally respond to offenses or hurt in relationships? How would “The Joy of Anticipation” change how a person would respond?

  • They isolate, avoid, get self-pity, become angry, seek revenge in civil ways, remain bitter, gossip
  • Trust the Lord to be around people and available to bless.
    • Not avoid, but go to the person in unity for serving Christ, even if there is a lack of trust.
    • Be kind to the other person, knowing that God will right all wrongs.
    • Give up all vengeance to the Lord and not do any under-handed things.
    • Remove all bitterness, knowing that God is just.
    • Not talk about the other person, because Jesus is working in their heart as well as yours.

7)    How does the Joy of Anticipation become more real than problems in life? What are some examples?

  • Jesus is more real, because your eyes are on Him Heb. 12:2
  • Ready to join the fellowship of His sufferings for the will of God Phil. 3:9-11
  • Pressing forward in God’s work for His calling Phil. 3:21-14
  • Knowing your citizenship is in heaven Phil. 3:20
  • Examples of the Joy of Anticipation:
    • A parent who faithfully leads his rebellious child, trusting the Lord’s work in his life.
    • A wife maintaining a quiet and gentle spirit in the face of a husband who is indifferent, not leading and not helping with the children.
    • A congregation member who comes alongside a “rough” member, trusting the Lord to soften his heart and bring about brokenness.
    • A brother who continues to relate with a brother who has offended him, allowing love to cover a multitude of sins.



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