Insights: God’s Work in and through You!

I’ve begun reading through Scripture again (a little early) for my devotions as I read through Scripture each year, and wanted to get a jumpstart on 2014. I was motivated in the study of “The Joy of the Promise” recently and saw a remarkable phrase in Genesis 4:1, “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, and said, “I have acquired a man from the LORD.”

Adam and Eve are hurried out of the Garden of Eden, which is sin being removed from the presence of the holiness of God. But in the process of redemption and God’s plan, God is the One still working.  In the process of time, Adam and Eve have a strangest thing happen to them – Eve gets pregnant!

Pregnancy seems normal to us, but who taught them, besides the Lord?  It must have been a good class! What I appreciate about this is Eve’s humility that it is the Lord’s work that provided for her child Cain.  She didn’t take credit for their work-it was the Lord! She knew Cain came through her body, but the birth was from the Lord! The text doesn’t say “help” of the Lord; it says God is the object from where the child came.  That has to be my attitude in life – it’s all Him!

When I am walking with Him in holiness and empowered by His Spirit, it is all Him!  I may be walking, speaking, or working, but by faith it is all Him. That is what the filling of the Spirit is. That is what dependence upon Him is! That is what comes as a fruit of the Holy Spirit’s work! Glory be to Him!


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