Book Review: You Never Stop Being a Parent, Jim Newheiser & Elyse Fitzpatrick, P & R Publishing, © 2010

The book “You Never Stop Being a Parent, Jim Newheiser & Elyse Fitzpatrick” is packed with biblical wisdom for those who have raised their children, but realize their God-given responsibility and privilege to continue parenting. Parenting is never done, just as honoring father and mother is never completed. Your children may be launched and may live in a distant state or country, however, you can continue to parent through letters, email, texts and phone calls.

The authors guide you through God’s Word and remind you that relationship with your children continues to be a primary tool for influence, especially in helping to draw them closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

They teach you how to thrive with adult children.  This book avoids the psychobabble of humanism and how to relate to adult children with an objective, biblical interpretation. Instead of looking at adult children from the “empty nest” perspective, Jim and Elyse identify biblical passages on how to prepare your children before they walk out the door and then how to continue to train (or coach) your children.  Circumstances may reveal they haven’t quite learned what they need in order to face life on their own, so what do you do?  There may also be conditions whereby it can work for them to live in their parent’s home.  How do you know?

The attentive reader will be humble enough to realize Newheiser and Fitzpatrick have not answered all the questions, but have dealt with so many issues and answers that will help you continue to strengthen your parenting relationship. The book is practical and gospel-centered. If you struggle as a parent of grown children, this book will give you hope in handling your role as a parent.

You never stop being a parent and you should continue to pursue the Four Generation Blessing.  These principles should not be assumed.  Learn them before your children are into their teens.

If you are a growing Biblical Christian with teen children that will be living with or launching as adult children, read this soon.


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