Book Review: The Duck Commander Family by Willie and Korie Robertson

The Duck Commander Family by Willie and Korie Robertson was a simple, enjoyable and humorous read. Duck Dynasty has taken the country by storm as people have been fed up with all the cheesy and immoral sitcoms and have wanted something down to earth, real and honoring to the Lord.  Duck Dynasty is certainly a scripted show, although the cast of characters are far more real than the typical reality show and laughs abound. Not everything in the show would be considered biblical, but the real-country approach to living is a needed blessing to life.

Willie is CEO of Duck Dynasty that was started by his father, Phil, back in the eighties.  Phil struggled in college and left, wandering from one distraction to another, while his wife Kay tried to raise their four sons.  Then Phil, met Jesus, and he turned himself around to get the business going.  Willie’s ability to see the business end of marketing, risk and venture, launched the family business to become a tremendous enterprise.

Beards on the men are trademarks; redneck is the family characteristic of living down in Louisiana. Jesus is certainly a part of every show and chapter in the book.  Each chapter has a family recipe, but more importantly is the passage of Scripture beginning each chapter.  Each of the chapters is told from the perspective of Willie and also from Korie, his wife.  The font ensures you know who is writing which portion.

After watching several shows, read the book. These are not professional actors, which makes the show ever better. The Duck Dynasty team invites you into their family heart. The book will cause you to relax and laugh.  It is a welcome relief to a busy American way of life.


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