Book Review: A Failure of Civility by Mike Garand and Jack Lawson

America has seen its share of problems.  Whether Watts in 1965 or the Rodney King fiasco back in 1991, there have been triggers that caused localized riotous conditions. Other catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina, established precedence in which localized disasters produced national challenges.  Would similar events cause greater widespread problems to need a Neighborhood Protection Plan (NPP)?  Garand and Lawson think so.
A Failure of Civility by Garand and Lawson is handbook for disaster planning.  I have not read such a book, since my infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia.  However, this manual is not for a military setting, but for your community and mine!  This book is very interesting, because as anyone objectively looks at the social, economic and political landscape in America, there are many questions regarding the level of civility that exists and will exist ten years from now.
A Failure of Civilityhighlights the premise that sometime in the future, not if, but when, there will likely be a breakdown of society. This manual directs what you should do.  Civility may disappear for a host of different reasons and the consequences could be dire. Garand and Lawson declare that you and I will survive a collapse by forming a Neighborhood Protection Plan (NPP).  The NPP must be a localized group of people who gather like-minded individuals and delegate duties and responsibilities for protection against intruders.  It all sounds like a “Mad Max” world, but maybe they have a point. 
The NPP is Garand and Lawson’s solution for how to survive and thrive.  They do not believe the government will be able to cope with the problems. They do not believe an individual can deal with the potential difficulties alone that may arise.  They believe the potential for catastrophic events is too great to not prepare and gather others into a network of support.  Is it possible law and order could break down and that the police and National Guard resources could not handle the variety of events Garand and Lawson outline?
If you believe there will be such disasters in the future, A Failure of Civility covers an overview of critical disaster planning. It addresses the mindset needed to deal with the disaster challenges, the structure for establishing a NPP with urban and suburban planning, including tactics for several key positions that need to be staffed and trained in the NPP.  Additionally, Garand and Lawson provide generalized insights on firearms, NPP relocations guidelines and medical aid, hygiene and long-term planning.
Whether you think a failure of civility could happen in America or not, the manual provides interesting tools and preparation guides for potential conditions.  Spending the time reading this manual has been a welcome reminder of great memories from military training years ago and far more stimulating that watching the futile white noise on television.  If the conditions described never happen, an awareness of the content will be most stimulating for you, however if the conditions described ever do happen, then an awareness will establish a base of understanding for emergency procedures.

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