Life Insights: Divided Opinion

Divided Opinion
                The incident that occurred on February 26, 2012 was a horrible day for thousands of people, especially the Trayvon Martin family. To lose a 17-year-old child has to be one of the most difficult tragedies to bear. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to imagine a life-time of joys and successes dashed to imagination at the moment of a single confrontation.
As the verdict was read Saturday night, July 13, at 10 pm, I wondered how America would respond?  I also wondered how the people of Grace would respond? Would they be thoughtful or would they respond with emotion.
                I was grateful that Sunday was a peaceful day, but I see the violence has picked up in the “major cities.” It’s interesting that in the density of people, there are going to be some who do not believe justice was conducted. I do not believe I know the right answer as to guilt or innocence, because I did not hear all the evidence.  I caught snippets from the prosecuting and the defense attorneys.  I caught what the media wanted me to get. I did not get the evidence that God has from heaven’s perspective.
                What I do know is that this was a most unusual trial. Originally, the Sanford Sheriff did not file charges. Zimmerman was free for 44 days. Even though a councilman asked Sheriff Lee to arrest him to placate the crowds, Lee refused because he said there were no grounds.1  Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s parents, were not satisfied and used social media to acquire 2.2 million signatures from around the country.2 After a trial was conducted according to the judicial system, there is greater pressure from the NAACP, including Congressmen Steve Cohen (TN) and Jerrold Nadler (NY), on the Administration to do something.3  These are just a few of the items that are likely not influencing all the other killing cases ongoing in the judicial system today.
                I wonder, “How many of these people sat through the proceedings of the trial?”  I wonder, “How many sifted through the evidence?”  I wonder, “How many made a decision based on media bias rather than ‘due process’?”  I wonder, “How many are getting on the band wagon and have not read any details of the case?”  I wonder, “How many are led by emotion rather than objectivity?”
                This may sound difficult to hear, but did anyone find out what Trayvon Martin’s motives were?  Of course, he is not available for questioning. Did anyone sort through what was going on in his mind and heart on the day and week before the horrible incident?  Does anyone know Trayvon’s contribution to the confrontation besides the one side that George Zimmerman gave? There are three sides to this story: Trayvon’s, George’s and God’s.
                Here are a few questions for your consideration. What is the spiritual background of each of the individuals? How are they respecting and pursuing the Lord Jesus Christ? From what spiritual background did each of the persons come? How are the actions of all the participants going to give glory to God? If the jury members were agreed to by both sides, and they made a decision which I do not like, then do I have a right to go outside the law to force my way? How are you going to use this incident to bring glory to Jesus Christ? What will you do today to lead someone to Jesus Christ, so that if a tragedy happens in his life, you will know he has been promoted to glory, even in extremely unfortunate circumstances?
                Our nation continues on its path to division. This is one more incident the enemy is using to create division in America. The tremendous unity the United States enjoyed 200 years ago is slowly ebbing. There is one way to bring unity back to our country. The only way is through a spiritual revival by leading people to Jesus Christ. Will you join our Outreach Team? Will you join a home group this fall? Will you step up and take a stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the only source of true unity? 

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