Book Review: The Real Crash by Peter Schiff

The Real Crash by Peter Schiff should be read by every American.  It certainly should be read by every pastor so that he can inform his congregation concerning the “frog in the kettle” way that the foolishness of men has overtaken our government and way of life.  Peter Schiff is an investment broker who writes with clarity, objectivity and unfettered analysis.  I could only wish I had learned of his writing and analyses ten years ago.
The Real Crash is prophetic in biblical proportions.  The downward spiral of the current American economic policies and way of life cannot be ignored.  While Schiff’s interpretation is wise and discerning, he does not purport to say what exactly will happen.  However, based on the trends, economic forces and powers in office, there are certain possibilities.  It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when everything will unravel.
This follow-up book to his book “Crash Proof” and has convincingly brought to focus how foolish our government is and therefore the American people. The American people are only concerned about themselves and the handout they will get tomorrow.  They are not thinking of the burdens and disastrous trends that are set in motion. Schiff has laid out the facts to reveal how utterly foolish our society has become in its dependency upon sluggish human solutions rather than responsible accountability. 
The problem with Schiff’s analyses is the pain that would be exposed.  America does not want to face perceived pain of deregulation or doing due diligence to determine the stability of a bank or trusting their own investment decisions. America wants big government to take care of them.  They want an equal shake.  They want someone else to make their decisions, because they are afraid of making wrong decisions.  America’s desire is their peril.
Schiff does not give specifics on how to invest, but he shows that the reader should not trust the government to provide end of life coverage.  He does not provide just a few broad and general paragraphs on the state of the economy, but he delineates fact after fact of laws, decisions, results and consequences of foolish ideas in the last 200 years. 
Schiff is a Libertarian when it comes to economics and many other areas of life.  He does not purport to justify his message based on the Bible. I do not agree with all of his theology, but I can still see how wisely his principles are related to economics and that most of his principles are based on truth already written in the Bible.
Let me add a few comments that Schiff does not delineate. As long as man makes decisions apart from God and His Word, no solution will work in the long run.  Every decision our government makes, whether bail-outs, bail-ins, Social Security, Medicare, or ObamaCare, is man-centered and man cannot, will not and should not think he can determine a long term solution.  God designed man and how mankind functions together.  There is one book that contains all the solutions for life and liberty and that book is the Bible. 
Schiff has been ridiculed by those who want big government.  Yet he will be the one who gains while everyone else suffers from their own rejection of the facts and his principles.  I would much rather go through the painful solution now than continue to kick the can down the road for my children and grandchildren to bear.

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