Book Review: Cobwebs by Dean Felsing

Cobwebs by Dean Felsing 

Cobwebs by Dean Felsing is a great book if you know Dean.  I was hesitant to provide a review, because some people may be offended by the language he uses.  Like me, Dean is a work in progress and we both desire to please the Lord.  Some people, however, who have gained control of their style of writing or speaking may not see Dean Felsing’s heart and wrongly judge him.  

Therefore, I do not recommend Cobwebs to most people.  Most people will not be able to handle Dean’s writing style or vocabulary.  Dean is an intelligent soul, but rough about his manner of conveying incidents in his life.  Dean is a good friend, fellow-Christian and was a member of the church I pastored in Minneapolis.  I truly love and appreciate Dean. He genuinely cares about people more than most people I have ever met. He has a ministry called “Carealot,” in which he shows the love of Christ to mentally handicapped persons.  He also cares deeply about pleasing the Lord and trying to serve Him with all his heart, soul and mind.  Yet, Dean will be offensive in some of the things he writes. 

If you know Dean, you will truly enjoy the book.  You will laugh over and over about the hilarious descriptions of his contacts with the Sears representatives and a multitude of other acquaintances and friends.  I had not seen Dean for 20 years until a recent Pastor’s Conference in Houston, Texas and we immediately picked up our relationship when I moved from Minneapolis to Indianapolis. Dean is a dear brother in Christ and has a heart of gold.  It’s just his rough edges that will cause many people to wonder why I would even finish reading his book.  When I consider my own sin nature, I find myself willing to work in the trenches with Dean and wanting to reach people for Christ. 

Dean will reach people for Christ that I will not reach.  As I read through his anecdotal stories, I kept thinking of 1 Corinthians 9, where Paul said, “I became all things to all people that I might win some.” Dean is going to reach people that I won’t reach. Those people will be in heaven because the Lord used Dean Felsing as His servant with the gospel of grace.  The Lord has a sense of humor and He certainly gave a unique humor to the life of Dean Felsing. I’m grateful for having re-connected and knowing that he continues to faithfully love his family and his children who are walking with the Lord.


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