Book Review: So…What Happens Next? Exploring Biblical Prophecies to Make Sense of Today’s Chaos by Jeremy Stevens

In “So…What Happens Next?” Jeremy Stevens adeptly approaches biblical prophecy with a fresh, contemporary perspective.  He is dispensational, historical and current.  He draws upon a tremendous background of world history to present the potential layout of world history leading up to the Tribulation. 

Jeremy Stevens is historical.  Using prophecies drawn from Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation, Stevens weaves current geo-political history into a prophetic newspaper of events.  Many people delineate how the United States must be out of the picture for Tribulation events, but Stevens demonstrates that some kind of USA structure could easily exist and must exist for the Anti-Christ to rule over the end time ten world kingdoms. 

Stevens describes the need of a United States entity to protect the global system through military superiority, technology, communications, language, economic interdependence, global cooperation and a single super-power.  This is necessary to protect the Western-European system for the rise of the Anti-Christ persona.  Following this are the potential inevitabilities of the Russian, Turkey, African, Middle East and Eastern power block engagements into biblical prophecy.  He examines each region politically, economically and historically for their roles in events leading up to the Tribulation.  One key is Russia’s urgency to act soon before it weakens nationally and slides into being a third world nation that could not invade Israel. That potentially would delay prophecy for hundreds of years. We’ll find out in the near future if that is God’s plan.

Jeremy Stevens is historical, but he is also humorous (should I say “hysterical”?).  His wit permeates the entire book making the analysis engaging and enjoyable.  I imagine his students enjoy his teaching in history.

He slips in six events that must precede the Tribulation.  While he holds the Rapture is imminent, he adroitly delineates six events that have biblically taken place and will take place prior to the initiation of the Tribulation period.  This section could have been expanded and reiterated with Scriptural references. 

You will have to decide on his overall analysis, but his fresh approach is significant and potentially very accurate. 

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