Book Review: Who Moved the Goalpost? By Bob Gresh

Book Review: Who Moved the Goalpost?   By Bob Gresh

The best part of being a human being is experiencing all the sensory experiences God has created.  The worst part of being a human being is experiencing all the sensory experiences God has created.  The difference is known by God’s truth and discernment of wisdom.

There are many books highlighting the challenges of being godly in a temptation-filled world of lust.  Bob Gresh has put together a great set of winning strategies for men, especially men in the younger years.  The world has seized the hearts of young men down to ten and eleven years old and tantalized them with the blatant imagery, false promises and empty experiences of pornography.

Bob exposes Satan’s three sex lies that set young men up for a world of frustration, misery and pain.  Sex is not a four-letter word, you are not here alone and it (lust) won’t go away when you get married.  But men believe those lies and fail to enjoy the sex that God designed to be enjoyed between one man and one woman in marriage.

Bob then describes three truths that can give a young man hope if he waits on the Lord for the right person.  God’s way is so much more fulfilling than anything the world has to offer.  The flesh doesn’t want to wait or be restricted, but the reward is spectacular.

Bob finally lays out seven strategies for success on preparing for a lifetime of enjoyment in marriage and how to finish strong.  Guys, we need to teach young men in Middle School and High School these principles.  Moms, if you have boys and you are parenting alone, then you’ll have to grab hold of this and help prepare your boys. 

Parents, your boys are going to learn about sex and you don’t want them to learn on their own or from the world.  Too many marriages are struggling and are being destroyed, because young men have not been taught God’s view for biblical sex.  The enemy is destroying too many lives by his quick fix solutions.  God’s way is always best.  Bob Gresh presents this serious material in a well constructed way and includes good-young-men-humor along the way.  You can help young men not miss out on what so many men are not able to enjoy, because they didn’t learn God’s way of enjoying sex.


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