Gladiator Games

I hate to be a fly in the ointment, but America is showing its true color again.  I admit the call was wrong on Monday night between the Packers and the Seahawks.  I didn’t catch it until the review videos are out, but, “America, are you for real? You are ready to take a knee, voice emotions about deleting a commissioner, etc. etc. ”
The world mocks us.  We’re becoming like the Romans in their gladiator games.  Entertainment and technology have become our idols, or should I say gods?

Yet, talk about the Lord Jesus Christ, pray publically at a sports event, or try to put “God” in a Party Platform and people boo.  We are losing our bearings.  What is our focus in America?  I’m not going to reach that many people with my plea, but let’s get back to what matters. 

Get worked up about preparing to talk about Jesus Christ.  Get worked up about going over and talking to people about Jesus Christ.  Get worked up about your community not praying publically.  Get worked up about personal sin.  Get worked up about obedience to the Lord.  Get worked about reconciling with others.  Get worked up about denying personal desires for the sake of helping others. Get worked up about taking the time to listen in order to understand. Get worked up about what matters.

Now, go and enjoy the game this weekend, but keep it in perspective.

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