Book Review: Sexual healing: A Biblical Guide to finding freedom from Sexual Sin and Brokenness by David Kyle Foster

Sexual healing: A Biblical Guide to finding freedom from Sexual Sin and Brokenness by David Kyle Foster. There has been a multitude of books on sexual addition, pornography and seeking purity in life. David Foster has added a significant dimension to the discussion in several areas.  His transparency of his own sexual addiction gives him credibility for writing on the subject and for following his suggestions on restoration to pursuing purity with Jesus Christ.  Yet his use of God’s Word is even more important and helpful to a man who wants the transforming power of God’s Spirit from spiritual misery to heavenly holiness.

He lays the Foundation in Part One where he addresses five helpful issues.  The “Foundations for Healing Sexual Brokenness” focuses solely on the Lord Jesus and the inability of anything a person can do on his own to help himself.   His character descriptions of God are helpful as a sexual addict seeks God’s power to be transformed.  Chapter two, “God, My Father,” doesn’t lay blame on earthly fathers, but explains God the Father’s design for how to relate to Him, because of how He relates to us.   It is clear, balanced and inviting.  Chapter three, “Living by Grace Rather Than Performance,” establishes that grace is not a license to sin, but a freedom to live by God’s grace, rather than by rules or performance. Excellent principles amplify the clarity of God’s grace in healing sexual addiction.  Chapter four, “The Divine Intent for Sexuality,” delineates God’s wholesome purposes for sex and how God completes individuals supernaturally.  And Chapter five, “Root sources for Improper Sexual Development,” develops a broad understanding of all the competing influences into a man’s life that can support him or pull him crashing down.

His Part Two examines specific sexual sin areas.  These are good chapters.  The two chapters on homosexuality became old, because the sin, while gaining a strong foothold in society also leaves an odious taste.  I confess I need to be patient and keep growing in understanding this aberrant behavior.  The chapter on the M word approached the selfishness of the act in a way that was very helpful.  Fortunately many writers expose the selfish sin of M, but Foster relates the vivid memory explosions that litter a man’s mind of one who dabbles and becomes addicted to the action.  He also explains well how it can dreadfully harm a marriage, but he gives great hope for the man who will pursue God’s way of freedom to holiness.

David Foster has added a significant dimension to the sexual addiction discussion.  Because of the insidious nature of pornography and sexual immorality, men (and women) need to be led into God’s word through helpful tools like this.  May God grant men freedom from this horrible epidemic.


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