Book Review: God versus Socialism by Joel McDurmon

“God versus Socialism: A Biblical Critique of the New Social Gospel” by Joel McDurmon. This book will make you humanly mad and divinely wise.  We in America for too many years have fallen under the pretense that “America, right or wrong, America.”  The problem is that we are swiftly floating down the river of socialism in the name of doing good.  We Americans have bought the premise too many times that Scripture deals with spiritual issues and not other mundane concerns like politics, property and population.  We have begun to look to the king (government) for the answers, rather than trust the King of Kings and obey what His Word already says.

Joel McDurmon in his excellent volume “God versus Socialism” has done a brilliant job of exposing the evil promulgated by government programs intended to help the masses.  However, by helping the masses, the government messiah has stolen from the rich to enable the poor to continue in poverty.  There is only one King and He owns everything (Ps. 24:1).  The foolishness of man has been and is to look to man for answers which he will never resolve in the realm of mankind, Republican, Democrat or Independent.  Conservatives, especially the NeoCons of the last two decades are no better than their Liberal counterparts.  They have increased the size of government in the name of personal power and individual aggrandizement.

McDurmon astutely exposes the evil agenda of several contemporary authors and speakers.  At best they believe what they are writing will help, at worst, they are deceived by seducing spirits.  McDurmon uses the subtle, or not so subtle, agenda of Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo and Ronald Sider as examples of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They have infiltrated many denominations and pulled them perilously close to the cliff, pushing many off into the chasms of ineptness and spiritual despair.  They have twisted and distorted Scripture for their own purposes, which in short is to strengthen man’s dependence on man’s government, to redistribute property and to dislodge the Christian’s understanding of biblical theology.

Christian Socialism is an oxymoron, because instead of freedom in Christ, Christians are set into bondage to the state.  Unfortunately too many Christians like the benefits they seem to get on their personal behalf and they don’t have to see who the government is stealing from in order to pay for what they need.  It’s simply another ploy from the demonic realm that Christians will one day find themselves in such a deep pit of dependence on government and not be able to extract themselves from that pit.  “The biblical view provides for freedom and responsibility, the socialist view leads to serfdom, slavery to government, and dependence on the state.” (p. 223)


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