Memorial Day Service: May 28, 2012

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa took granddaughter Sarah to a Memorial Day Service at the Raymond Road Middle School.  Appropriately, it was in the Ranger Auditorium (my thought considered the US Army Rangers). The sixty member Indianapolis Municipal Band played beautiful patriotic and spiritual numbers for 30 minutes before the service.  We were in the gymnasium, so while it wasn’t air conditioned, it was out of the sun and a stirring remembrance of those who gave their lives for our freedom.  It was a little scary for granddaughter Sarah, because the Timpani drummer was  enthusiastic and she had not been very used to a live instrumental band.  Sarah found great comfort being together with family.

There were probably 250 people there from every age group, but mostly older vets and their families.  It was very moving to think of the young men and women who died that will never enjoy being old men and women.  They gave up their lives, so that we could grow old and see the freedom the Lord provided.
A special recognition was made for Staff Sergeant Wayne Bucy who earned the Bronze Star for actions during World War II.  He had never received his medal, so 68 years late, our nation recognized his heroic actions in the European Theater.

As much as our nation is slipping from the Truth of God’s Word, she is still the most blessed of any nation on earth.  May we never take our freedom for granted and pursue the holiness of God, lest God remove that freedom we enjoy!


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