Walk Rooted in Christ

“Walk rooted in Christ” can only be done if you are confident of your relationship with Him and you are pursuing that relationship through dependency on the Holy Spirit in the Word.  God will strengthen that root as you humble yourself and assimilate His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit and then God will build you up and cause you to be established in discipleship.  The result will be you springing forth, abounding in thanksgiving.   Your pure gratefulness to God for all that He has done and continues to do by His mercy is utterly astounding as you walk rooted in Christ!
Are you stretching in your faith?  Are you taking the risk?  From the human perspective, it seems like a risk to pray in public or serve in a leadership position, but that is what God wants to do in our lives, so we can worship Him in greater ways as a collective church, the Bride of Christ!  Keep pressing ahead, so you don’t have to pay for the same ground twice.  There is so little time before Jesus comes back!
This Sunday, we’ll press the objective to the last portion of this first topic of Paul in Colossians 2 – “Living a miraculous life.”   It’s Christ, not empty philosophy.  I’ve heard too many people question whether God can use them or wonder because they have messed up so many times if God still loves them.  I have GOOD NEWS for you this Sunday.  I trust I’ll see you there.
The deacons are heading up the work day on Saturday and many hands make light work.  I hope you’ll help us make it a short morning starting at 8am, so we can rejoice together at what God will accomplish!

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