Book Review: How do you kill 11 Million People? by

How do you kill 11 Million People? By Andy Andrews

This is a strange title, but an excellent book.  It’s a short read, but helpful for those who understand “normalcy bias.”  Normalcy bias is the principle that people move deeper into danger, because they do not realize how current events are becoming worse and worse.  It happened in the 1930s, when the Jews were mentally manipulated by Hitler’s regime to think “it won’t get any worse” and the government said, “We’re doing this for your protection.”  The “new normal” was merely another step to the destruction of the Jews by means of the death camps.  Some Jews fled Germany and Holland in the 30s, but those who did not were sent to camps.  The Normalcy Bias is thinking, “Things can’t get any worse from this state of being.”  Andy Andrews shows how Germany killed over 11 million people – Lie to them. It has happened in other regimes as it did in Germany. People believe the government.  They believe because they want it to be true.  They believe to their death.  People are sheep and will listen to the voice that tells them what they want to hear.  What should the United States learn from this?  Ask the question, “What is the truth?”  Truth is being removed from the United States everyday and yet we are still trusting the government.  Andrews does not write this, but the reason is because the truth – Jesus Christ – is forgotten in our world.  As He is removed from society, the sheeple (sheep – people) will believe what they want to hear.  Will we realize it before it’s too late?


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