Book Review: A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent

The Gospel.  What a remarkable word and truth.  I often forget the Gospel power as I dig into many other theological issues, counsel with practical problems and serve the needs of people.  Yet, the Gospel is the central theme of Christianity and should not be forgotten, set aside or choked out in dealing with the challenges of life.  Milton Vincent has very simply drawn our attention to the beauty of the Gospel message by recalling 31 ways the Gospel must be central to our salvation and life itself.  They remind me to keep things simple and not lose sight of the power of the Gospel to dispel discouragement and frustration.  I appreciate the simplicity of his work “A Gospel Primer” as a breath of fresh air to set aside the concerns of this world to rejoice in the joy of salvation.  His lengthy poem is wisely assembled and built on great principles of Scripture that will move your soul to praise God to His glory.  It is a quick read, but should be enjoyed slowly for reflection and deep meditation.


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