Book Review: The Church of Irresistible Influence by Robert Lewis

This is a most refreshing look at the purpose of the church.  What should the church be doing?  No question, take care of the people in the church.  But to slow down to take care of the people and not look outward is a condemnation on the modern church.  Lewis first looks at what it will take to reconnect the church to the culture.  The culture will not cross the threshold, until it can see relevancy on the church’s part.  So how should the church become relevant?  The members need to see the need of their community and be launched to do ministry – to go from being spectators to participants.  The results Lewis notes were phenomenal.  There was healing with people, recognition by public officials of the good work and life decisions by the members to walk from their current jobs to life-time service for Jesus Christ.   Over a short period of time, new partnerships and adventures formed as Lewis saw churches working together, members equipped to become leaders and a whole community strategy formed.  This is something any church can do on its own scale.  The question I have to ask myself, is will I put the gospel to work?


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