The Preeminent Christ

Jesus is Preeminent!  He is preeminent as God, Creator, Sustainer and Head of the Body!

I love how Grace is responding to that preeminence by looking for ways to connect to worship Jesus.  Grace has many opportunities to equip growing believers to become more like Jesus Christ and minister in the stature we have in Christ.  We need to multiply ourselves in order to reach the world.  There is little time to waste, because the seeds of darkness look for any crack to root down, sprout up and smother our desire to honor the Lord Jesus!

We had a full day with the commissioning of deacons and elders.  What a joy to see new men rise up and serve at Grace.

I should have mentioned a handout on the information counter on Sunday.  Many religions don’t view Jesus the way we do.  I’ve listed nine different religions and compared what they believe about salvation and about Jesus to what we believe.  Hopefully you can use that list to worship Jesus by your words and life.

Thanks for your great support and prayers as I leave to my dad’s funeral.


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